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The Environmental Division of Johnson &
Johnson wanted to produce a corporate environmental report based on the Public Environmental Initiative  (PERI) guidelines. 
These cross-industry guidelines served as a
tool for companies who decided to produce
a balanced, comprehensive report on their organization’s environmental policies,
practices and performance.

The message that the J & J Corporate Environmental Report sought to convey
was that J & J had a comprehensive
policy on environmental responsibility,
that it had the highest level of corporate
commitment to such a policy, and, finally,
that it was carrying out its environmental responsibilities consistent with its
leadership role as a global healthcare

Using imagery drawn from nature, the
design of the brochure visually reflects
J & J’s environmental commitment.  To
reinforce the J & J corporate commitment
to their environmental initiative, the report
was printed on speckled, chlorine-free,
100% post-consumer, recycled paper. 
Printing was done with vegetable links.




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